Phylax Society

During the 1800′s many clubs began to spring up with the intent to breed specific dogs, many of these groups operated in secret. Their intent was to create working dogs that suited their local needs and many of the dog breeds we know of today come from many of these clubs.

In 1891 a group of German dog fanciers formed the Phylax (Greek for “Guardian”) Society with the intent to create a standardized German dog breed for herding and protection.  Sadly, the club was short lived since there was a lot of disagreements over what should be included or not included with this new breed of dog.  The largest point of contention was over whether this breed of dog should be bred for looks or working ability.

Due to the lack of results or compromise many members left and the club officially disbanded in 1894.  This paved the way for Max von Stephanitz to form the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (Society for the German Shepherd Dog, commonly referred today as the SV) in 1899.

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