Other GSD books

While Max von Stephanitz wrote “the book” on German Shepherds, other important books have come out over the years.

Book Title Author Language
& Year
and edition
Other Notes Picture
“The Alsatian Wolf Dog” Geo Horowitz English – 1923 First edition Usually leather bound.

Good luck trying to find a copy, it can be extremely difficult to find.

“The Alsatian” Geo Horowitz English – ? Second Edition Two prefaces as well as a different title from the first edition.
“The Alsatian (German Shepherd Dog)? Geo Horowitz English – ? (after WWII) Third Edition Three prefaces, the their one mentions “the second world war”. Also a different title than the previous two editions.

Very hard to find, but not as hard as the first edition.

“The Total German Shepherd Dog” Fred Lanting English – 1990 First Edition – Alpine Publishing  Total GSD Alpine 1st ed
“The Total German Shepherd Dog” Fred Lanting English – 1999 Second edition – published though Hofflin. Available for purchase though Fred Lanting’s site  GSD

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