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bookThe Total German Shepherd Dog in Word and Picture” is, without a doubt, the most sought after dog book in history.  Few books even come close to his knowledge and wisdom when it comes to the German Shepherd dog breed as well as general canine knowledge.  The book discusses the evolution and history of canines as well as the history of our domestic dogs.  He also goes into what went into the German Shepherd dog breed and several other dog breeds including what should and should not be included when it comes to dog ownership and management.

You can find copies of his book on Amazon.com and eBay and prices can vary but older editions typically go several hundred dollars.  A small warning – there are some “knock-off” (fake) and “suspected knock-off” versions that are floating around.  You can view these on the fake page.



Edition Year Published Language Distinguishing Charateristics Other notes Picture
Second 1905 German  1905-2ed
Third 1909 German  1909-3ed
Sixth 1921 German  1921-6ed
Seventh 1923 German  1923-7ed
 First 1923 English  Brownish cover  Hard to get – copies usually selling for $500-$1200 (depending on quality)  1923
Second (American) 1925 English “Second Entirely Revised American Edition”Greenhish cover.

710 pages, plus unnumbered pages of advertisements.

 Printed in Germany by Anyon Kampfe, Jena (1925) book
Eighth 1932 German  1932-8ed
Eighth 1950 English “8th Revised and Enlarged Edition”Orange cover with a more modern (for 1950) picture of a German Shepherd.983 printed pages (much thicker than previous versions) May be the last version of the original book in English – later copies were revised by the GSDCA.Direct translation of the 1932 book.Translated byA. Schwabacher of London.Published by the Verein fur Deutsche Schaeferhunde (SV) Augsburg 3 – Germany.  1950
Eighth 1987  German Official Replica / Reprint of the 8th Edition (1932) in German.  Available directly from the SV for 30 Euros.  1987-8ed-replica
 1994  English Red coverHas the original German Shepherd on the cover Published, distributed, and sold by Hoflin publishing.Reprint of the 1925 edition but some claim some sections have been removed.This is the most “current’ version available and may be “published on demand”Sells new from the publisher for $75 + $10 shipping (in the USA)  1994

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